The Impact Of Wage Increases That Are Too Large For Medical Personnel

The impact of wage increases that are too large for medical personnel., Indonesian - City minimum wage ( UMK ) as determined & entered into force in early 2016. The increase in wages vary between 200,000-500,000 rupiah as in the city of Karawang , Bekasi and Jakarta . This large wage increases create concerns for some medical personnel , especially those working in the company .

By paying a high wage makes some companies choose to lay off employees to reduce costs so that expenditure does not swell .
Most employees issued yet ready to accept it . As happened in one of our friends , call Toni ( a pseudonym ) .

Toni , works as a nurse at a clinic owned by the company in Jakarta. After UMK set , making the company become Toni worked alleviate some of the medical personnel .

The company clinic
Photo 1. The company clinic .

With a sense of disappointment & sadness Toni must accept this dismissal . " Should not have fired me ,,,, " he told us .
Toni never thought that he would be fired. He was confused about where to work again . With old age , there is not necessarily the company that will hire him again . Finally , toni chose to return home and make pait experience this as a very valuable lesson .

Toni is one of hundreds of thousands of employees fired because of high wage increases . Therefore , as medical personnel should have side jobs such as maintaining catfish , cows , goats , and so forth . So that in case things are not in want , we can take it .

Dismissal is one of the effects of high wages for medical personnel.
Greetings from the Indonesian medical .